Health Benefits of CBD & MCT

Posted: March 2nd 2018
Health Benefits of CBD & MCT

Health Benefits of CBD & MCT, the best thing to happen to vaporizers.

MCT, CBD, C02. So many acronyms with so much fruitful information surrounding them. How do they all relate? Simply put, these few buzz words make up our product KURED, the single use CBD ceramic vaporizer.

Let’s get down to the basics. The main ingredient of our products, Cannabidiol, or CBD, is 100% hemp derived without containing the impairing THC chemical. We are producing an all-natural product that still contains essential health benefits, but with no psychoactive effects.

It doesn’t stop there. Medium-chain triglycerides, MCT as we like to call it, has become one of our greatest agents. This wholesome fatty acid is one of the most healthy fats out there. Did you know that 65% of the beloved Coconut Oil is MCT? Health pioneers across the globe have been adding MCT oil into their diets. We all agreed that this valuable compound would make our vapor even more enjoyable.


The health benefits of CBD and MCT are incredibly significant. Here’s an outline of what these compounds can do for you.

CBD is reported to:

CBD potentially can help with sleep. When used recreationally at night, CBD can encourage relaxation and sounder sleep cycles, some studies suggest.
CBD potentially can help with pain. Working as an anti-inflammatory, CBD relieves pain and can assist in muscle rejuvenation, some studies suggest.
CBD potentially can help with mental health. Just as important as physical health, studies have shown this oil can ease symptoms of social anxiety and panic disorder, some studies suggest.

MCT – THE “GOOD” FAT (these facts are based on the consumption of MCT, but you get the point)
1. BRAIN – You need energy, and when these fatty acids are consumed your body will respond with increased brain function and clearer thinking.
2. METABOLISM – Consumption of good fats make you feel fuller longer. The more often you are satiated, the easier it is for your metabolic rate to rise. All of this allows for easier weight maintenance.
3. GUT HEALTH – MCT balances the levels of good and bad bacteria in your gut to promote overall comfort and immune system support.


With KURED we aim to create a product for any and all individuals. This ceramic vaporizer has multiple uses and benefits that we are so excited to share. To learn more about our mission visit: