Kured Educates Multiple Sclerosis Society on CBD

Posted: August 23rd 2018
Kured Educates Multiple Sclerosis Society on CBD

On August 8, 2018, at Porter Hospital, located in Denver, CO., Roberto Porras (member of the Kured team), joined the monthly group meeting for the MS society. Porras was a guest speaker to a group of individuals suffering from the awful and life-altering disease (MS). All of these individuals joined together just to listen to Roberto Porras as he educated them on what CBD is and how it can benefit them. This event was something the entire Kured team was thrilled about because it contributes to the overall main passion for the Kured team, doing everything in our power to push a product out to the public simply because it that can truly change peoples lives for the better.

“Our company believes in a healthy lifestyle and getting away from many prescription drugs that focus on the symptoms, not the systems, and have negative side effects. We want them to be educated on the healing benefits of CBD and provide all the information needed so they are fully confident in our ability to provide them with the highest value product that they would come to expect. Many people lack the education and understanding needed to properly treat themselves with cannabis, specifically hemp, along with overcoming negative stigmas associated with it. There have been hundreds of studies in the healing power of CBD on MS patients and they should know. This Q&A session and our overall presence aligns with our grass-roots efforts to educate, gain exposure, visibility, build our brand and help people get healthy, not high. This event was very beneficial for our company not only for the fact that we are helping people in need but for the possibility the MS Society adopts CBD, specifically our brand, as a viable treatment option.”

-Roberto Porras

Questions Porras received:

  • What is CBD?

  • What is the difference between CBD and THC?

  • Will CBD appear in a drug test?

  • How will this help out my symptoms of MS?

  • Where can I purchase Kured products?

  • Does CBD get me high?

  • What are the other ways to administer CBD?

Porras wanted to make sure that this group of individuals fully understood the difference between the marijuana plant and hemp plant. He made sure to indicate the different compounds that are present in each plant. He also made sure to point out the different healing properties that come from each separate plant. He highlighted the fact that CBD can personally benefit them through its anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant benefits (which is huge for MS sufferers). He also went in depth on how Kured products are made, why Kured is top notch, why Kured can absolutely be trusted, and where Kured can be purchased.