History of CBD X Leafbuyer

Posted: July 18th 2018
History of CBD  X  Leafbuyer

CEO & Founder, Ben Martch, Featured on Leafbuyer

As we all watch CBD go from mystery to mainstream among the public, a vast amount of individuals lack the background information surrounding this trending supplement. Although many new CBD lovers might find this hard to believe, multiple forms of cannabinoids have been under study for decades now. Furthermore, CBD has surprisingly been used for different purposes such as: spiritual, medical, and recreational for over 5,000 years now. After the endless years of studies, many people are pushing for legalization of CBD across the nation and slowly but surely a multitude of states are beginning to jump on board! Leafbuyer, one of the top databases for anything cannabis related decided to take the next step by diving further into this overall concept.

See what CEO and founder of We Are Kured LLC, Ben Martch, has to say!

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